Two Poems by Mark Young

ephemera stranglehold

I thought our block was mostly
north facing in order to adapt to
changes in light. I know less about
clothing. Just because something
doesn’t do what you hoped it
would do, you won’t want to
waste your money on excess
packaging. Winnings can be

calculated by multiplying one’s
continuing health by the number of
private gardens in Japan. Now that
the swivel chairs have been chosen
we will end the afternoon with a
few topical musical contributions.

varied expressions of the other’s corporeality

At another time they would roll
back the conflicting operation &
forward an economical option for
boat owners. We do not know
what kind of aggressive techniques
were used, couldn’t find any other
relevant products or a quantitative
explanation. It’s crystal clear that

there is no current, due to decreased
investment in new facilities & a
lack of enthusiasm for finding a new
way to conceive the creative work.
Everyday vessels never wait long
enough to adapt to changes in light.

Mark Young lives in a small town in North Queensland in Australia, & has been publishing poetry since 1959. He is the author of around fifty books, primarily text poetry but also including speculative fiction, vispo, & art history. His work has been widely anthologized, & his essays & poetry translated into a number of languages.

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