Submission Guidelines.

Please send 3-5 pieces along with a short, third person bio (no more than 50 words and in one paragraph) as well as a short covering note.

Please ensure all work is proof-read thoroughly before submitting. Any work accepted will appear as it was received.

No simultaneous submissions.

Reprints are perfectly fine (as long as they have not appeared anywhere in the last 12 months), just please ensure that you mention the journal where your work originally appeared so as I can credit them.

Please send your work in the body of an email or as an attachment (attachments preferred for formatting purposes) to with Poetry Submission/(Your Name) in the subject line.

I tend to prefer shorter pieces. (around four stanzas max, and around 30 – 40 lines max).
Please no haiku.

Response time can be anywhere between 1 day to 2 weeks. (If any longer, feel free to chase it up).

Pieces are published on a rolling basis.

If work is accepted, please wait at least 1 month before submitting again.

All rights revert back to the author once published.

(Please note: I will instantly reject any work that could be deemed offensive in anyway towards race, sex, age, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, class or disability).

Jonathan. (Editor)