Sharp Objects by Dan Holt

Sharp Objects

It was so dry
we had to go to the park
to score weed
You could always
find some there
but the bag would be light
or full of stems
and seeds

When we rolled
up a joint
in Chris’s garage
there was some
white powder
in amongst the bud
For a second
we thought
maybe we shouldn’t
smoke this

We smoked
one joint between
five of us
and got so high
Jim cut his wrist
with a sickle

At the emergency room
we did that thing
you see in movies
where you just drop
someone at the curb
and drive away

The next thing
we heard
was that Jim’s parents
had put him
in rehab
and called

Chris’s parents
to forbid him
from seeing their son

We were more careful
with sharp objects
when we smoked
the rest of the bag

Dan Holt is blues singer/songwriter/recording artist, poet and fiction author from a suburb of
Cleveland, Ohio. He has produced 11 albums of original music along with various singles and
eps. After many years away from the poetry scene, Dan returned to writing poetry in 2021 and
has had his work published widely in the online and small print press. His first book, “Blank
Canvas On Bloody Pavement,” was published in March 2021 by Alien Buddha Press and can be
purchased from

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