Reshape while damp by Rona Fitzgerald

Reshape while damp

God knows I tried, thirty lengths of the outdoor pool
in Clontarf every day in my teen summers. Then
a walk home to Raheny or tennis with friends.

But it was hopeless, I remained a big girl,
tall, broad shoulders, strong legs, solid!
Not the sylph of my imagination –

on my toes dancing tap or ballet
fitting petite clothes that flattered
the feminine form of the day.

At work, I selected black gravitas
to hide curves. It suited me.
Professional, alert, but never at ease.

Did I rebel?

Of course not, I was wearing normal
fitting in, tucked away in sharp tailoring.
Safe from disapproval.

Fate softened my jackets, wool itched –
so soft silk or linen covered my frame.
My shoulders remain firm!

Rona Fitzgerald ‘s poetry is published in UK, Scottish, Irish and US, in print and online.
Recent publications include Poetry and Covid, September 2020. Dreich Number 8, Season 2,
April 2021, Wee Dreich April 21. Littoral Magazine Candlemas edition, The Brown
Envelope Book, 2021 and The Arbroath Anthology 2021.

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